Hello!  Hi!  StorrCupboard is back!  With the help of the amazing Elizabeth Barrett and others, StorrCupboard is now fully searchable and *much* easier to use.
Not all of the recipes are back online yet; this is my passion project and my love, but there are 2 kids that need tending and a career that needs growing. This isn’t perfect but it’s here to help you.  Please email me at ann @ storrcupboard.com with any questions and I’d love to help you.
So … herbs.  We buy them because a recipe says that we need just a handful, and that fresh tastes better (usually, the recipe is right).  But wasting fistfuls of delicate green leaves is plain nuts.
The simplest way to use up herbs is to finely chop them and store in ice-cube trays.  Easy.
But how about something that is going to be a cheap, filling and healthy lunch?  Take inspo from the amazing, the wonderous, Ottolenghi & Honey & Co.  Both Ottolenghi, and the Honies (as they are often called) were born and raised in the Middle East, where herbs are used a lot more in cooking.  Handfuls of herbs are used in salads along with lettuce, spinach and rocket which adds another layer of fresh flavour.  If you’re my age or more, you’ll remember *how* exciting it was when rocket! replaced! iceberg! lettuce!  (Unless you are my parents so a salad is iceberg lettuce, sliced cucumber and quartered tomatoes).
This simple salad was a couple of handfuls of bagged salad, loads of parsley and coriander, along with said tomatoes and cucumber.  It doesn’t have to be rocket science (sorry).  Enjoy the tweak of the added handful of herbs to your salad and make sure there’s never a leftover, leftover.

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