The winter is finally setting in; the cold wind on my fingers and condensation on the single glazed windows means it’s time to use your oven for cooking.

I started thinking about how to make the most out of bread sauce a few weeks back and, I confess, I’ve found it hard.  The bread that’s in the sauce changes so much from its original state.

So I thought – sauce spreads, that’s why we like it – it eases down chunks of meat and veg.   White sauce is gloopy (my brain is the stuff of legends).

When you’re looking at the unfinished bowls from Christmas dinner on the table or in your fridge, break up any roast spuds and parsnips, and have some slices of leftover turkey, ham or stuffing to hand.  Layer them.  pour over any leftover gravy, or stock if you’ve no gravy.  Warm up the bread sauce if you have to, add a little milk to loosen, if you have to.  Push the sauce to cover your dish.  Then store it in the fridge to feed hungry people another day, or label and pop in the freezer where skint, cold January you will be very happy to remember the Christmas bake, nestled in your freezer.

(Bread sauce scraping) Christmas bake

Serves 2, heartily


around 150 grams leftover roasties and parsnips
around 100 grams leftover meat
Handful of sprouts
100ml of leftover gravy/fresh stock/mixture of both
150 grams leftover bread sauce
A little extra milk, if needed


Knife, chopping board
Oven proof dish
Jug if needed to make stock


About ten minutes to assemble
35 minutes to bake


Break the potatoes and parsnips into smaller pieces, around 5mm wide
Same with the meat/stuffing
If the bread sauce is very thick, then loosen with some more milk until it’s spreadable/like double cream


Turn the oven to 180C
Place a layer of veg in the ovenproof dish
Then a layer of meat
So on and so forth until used up, ending with a layer of veg
Pour the stock/gravy over
Smooth the bread sauce over the filling
Bake for around 35 minutes

Storage/further meals

If you’re not planning to eat this dish within 3 days I’d play it safe and pop it in the freezer

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