Anyone who’s looked at my feeds knows I love a good banana bread.  Specifically Nigella’s from ‘How to be a Domestic Goddess’ – dense, sweet, keeps well, uses two bowls.  Yes, another recipe where the pages are crusted and have strings of banana dried on.  Yummy.


But there’s got to be more ways with a browning nana than a banana bread, and given how my youngest will sometimes eat 3 in a day (I know) to zero in a week … well, I’ve got some practice.




Banana peanut butter smoothie


Quick.  Cheap.  Currently believed to be healthy.  Delicious.  Frugal.  So basically yeah, love em.


You don’t have to add the yoghurt and oats, but we sometimes have these as breakfast, so the oats help to keep you going.  Or leave them out, I’m not checking am I?


Blend the bananas first; I used to add extra sugar but if you blend the bananas alone, first, then it’s unecessary – and that’s some ££ saved, hoorah.


Sweet, cheap and filling banana smoothie​​

Banana and nut butter smoothie

Serves 2 kids or 1 adult


1 large banana (about 190g with peel on)
40g nut butter
40g yoghurt (cow or vegan)
20g small oats
150ml milk/milk alternative


Stick blender/smoothie maker


10 minutes max




Remove bananas from freezer if necessary


Blend banana on its own

Add nut butter and blend

Next oats (if using) and yoghurt.  Make sure it’s really smooth

Add milk until it’s the right texture for you (I like mine thin, but with the odd bonus lump of peanut butter…)

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