In a previous life I was lucky enough to go on a work jolly to South California (I KNOW). It was, pretty much, the only one over the course of eleven under-paid years, and it was amazing.  Beach motel: check.  Early morning beach walk and watching dolphins frollic in the sea: check.  Putting on half a stone in a week: check.

Not kidding.  Half a stone.  In a week.


On the plus side, I learnt that frozen bananas on a stick is a real thing in SoCal.  Be still my British heart.  I thought it was all ‘Arrested Development’ nonsense.


These little banana bites are quite messy to make but that’s half the fun.  It’s a good way to use up leftover birthday cake sprinkles, a couple of discarded biscuits or hundreds and thousands.  Use whatever chocolate you like.  I didn’t use coconut oil because it’s damned pricey and I don’t really like it TBH, so I went for butter.  Budget-conscious vegans could use groundbut (i.e., flavourless) oil and it’ll be fine.


Crunchy, smooth and not too sweet. Yum.​​

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