Some of us (ahem) love/need to comfort eat, heatwave be damned.
Slow cooking is often a brilliant way of using up questionable produce because a. all the flavours and textures are supposed to mix together and b. if something like a tomato was just a bit ‘gone’, then you will cook it through.
This is a simple, simple bake.  Red onions are a little sweeter than brown but you can use either.  Just chop your onions into quarters, halve your tomatoes, pour over some oil and seasoning and rub in.  Place the sausages on top, shove in the oven and wait.
I used fat sausages which take about 40 minutes to brown and cook through, by which time I had a sweet/salty/fatty dish, perfect for waste-busting/waist busting, comfort-eating happiness.

Tomato & sausage bake

Serves 4


Vegetable oil/leftover lard
Around 8 tomatoes
2 red onions
8 fat sausages
Salt & pepper



Chopping board
Large oven proof dish
Wooden spoon/tongs

10m prep
40m cook



Turn oven to 180C
Chop the tomatoes in half
Top and tail the onions and cut into quarters


Place veggies into a large oven-proof dish, big enough that the veg are, ideally, one layer
Pour oil over the veg and seasoning and rub the oil in
Have the veggies in one flat layer
Place sausages on top
Put into the preheated oven
After about 15 minutes turn the sausages and squash them into the veg
Same again another 15 mintues later
The tomatoes should be getting squashy and really soft; if they are starting to go dark brown then turn the heat down – you want soft veg not burned veg
10 minutes more (so 40 minutes baking total) and your sausages should be golden and the veggies soft and caramelised (like in the picture)
Serve just as is, or with some green veg


Leave to cool down to room temperature
Place into a new, clean dish and either refrigerate or freeze
If you are going to re-heat, chop up the sausages to make it quicker and easier to
safely reheat
Keep for up to 3 days in the fridge


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