Prep Now, Party Later

Christmas 2020 is presenting everyone with unprecedented challenges: we don’t know how many people we can host, if we can host or what sort of rules will be in place. Will you be allowed to see and hug your folks, or … Will it be the saddest Christmas ever?


Consumers don’t know if they can rely on food deliveries. Memories of March’s empty shelves are pushing up against the confusion about who and how many people can we invite and: can we really afford all the bells and whistles? And what do we do with all the leftovers?


Hubbub and Tesco’s recent collaboration has confirmed a national skills gap in knowledge around food storage, understanding labels and how to safely reuse leftovers. This is a substantial barrier to reducing the volume of consumer food waste created by UK consumers.


Prep Now, Party Later is our response to helping consumers to plan their Christmas dinner, from shopping, through planning how to freeze, how to safely defrost and how to make the most of leftovers (with no turkey curry in sight).


Our event took people through a journey to plan, prep and love their Christmas dinner – even if it’s the first time that dad has been given the Big Job. With a glass of mulled wine in hand, we will provide recipes and tips to help consumers know how to safely defrost and cook frozen turkey, what to do with all those leftover roast parsnips and how to help families in their communities who can’t afford to make their own Christmas dinner.

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