Brandy butter is a mainstay of Christmas cooking for a lot of us; I made two huge jars this year because one is never enough.  But two is too many; so here is my fourth way with your leftover brandy butter.  If you’re new from the Evening Standard, welcome!  I hope that you find loads of useful recipes for your Christmas leftovers.

Discovering no-churn ice-cream was huge for me; when leftover cream sits in the fridge it can be a bore and a pain. Plus the dairy industry uses a whole heap of emissions and

I now keep a tine of condensed milk in the kitchen; it’s cheap and means that I now never, ever waste cream.  If you don’t have any boozy cream then you must add a slug of brandy, whiskey or vanilla extract to your cream.  Plain cream makes for a flat ice-cream and, well, I have a whole portion to work through (I’m thinking a hot fudge sauce or an expresso poured over will get that one going).

If (if!) you have annoying leftover chocs, you can chop them up and add them in; I went for pounding some salty peanuts and sprinkling them on top.  Or do both!  A true, proper, leftover busting recipe.

Brandy butter double boozy no-churn ice-cream

Inspired by Nigella’s No Churn Coffee Ice -Cream
Makes 1.5 pints/800ml


250 ml cream – you can mix up boozy Xmas creams and plain cream
175ml condensed milk
If using plain cream, add a good tablespoon of whiskey/brandy/vanilla essence
To serve: pounded peanuts, finely chopped choc or chocolate sauce

Measuring jug
Large bowl
Electric whisk/stand mixer OR Balloon whisk and strong arms
Freezer proof container with lid

10m prep
6 hours (at least) to freeze


Place the creams and condensed milk in the large bowl
Whisk together until there’s lot of little bubbles and the mixture is light and airy
Crumble in the brandy butter and stir
Pour into container
Place lid on and put in freezer

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