Fishfinger taco

Fishfingers (lurid orange or beige and homemade) are leftovers that loads of us have. Especially if you have kids and they have friends around for tea, it’s a simple, brainless meal. With that crunchy, delicious outside, though, it’s not always easy to think of something new.

Your fishfinger is a piece of fish covered in breadcrumbs. That’s the ingredient we’re working with.  Something ready wrapped and good to go

Fish tacos were a crazy new idea to me. Fish. Taco.  It sounded gross. Because, despite all these recipes, I’m not great at trying new food. Honestly it’s always a bit of a stretch. But, as I’ve said before, we can learn to try new things, if we want to. And nations of people cannot be wrong about something delicious to eat.

Soft fish sitting inside a crunchy (or crazy 2019 new world) taco is a total winner.  If you’ve got even just one fishfinger and a box of shells in your cupboard, then, well, lunch just got a load more interesting.  A little salad, some salsa, sour cream, guacamole … again, remember this is lunch not pretending to be real Mexican style food, just taking some inspo to make the most of the food we’ve already cooked and already bought.

Try it, I think this might be my favourite of the week.

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