Cooking straight from frozen

I know I’ve taken sausages straight from the freezer and cooked them through from frozen.  Look guys, I don’t have a microwave so needs must.  I just cook them really slowly, really gently.  It’s not energy efficient, but none of us are perfect right?  When cooking food from frozen, use a lower temperature to start with to thaw, then increase the temperature to cook.  Use a meat thermometre to get an exact reading, or a skewer – pierce the piece of meat.  If it’s cold or body temperature, the meat is NOT cooked. If it is hot as all hellfire, you’re good to go.

Foods include:

Do NOT try to cook anything big from frozen: a whole chicken, a turkey crown.  Big containers of stew are different because the gravy will boil into the meat and veg, killing off bacteria.  The many small pieces heating through is very different from a half leg of lamb – especially when you want that meat to stay pink in the middle.  So don’t do it!

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