Stupid supermarket packet sizes week 2! Why do supermarkets make packets of red, yellow and green peppers? Who actually likes green peppers? It’s almost as if they might – just maybe – be happy that we waste a chunk of the food that we buy, so that we have to spend more of our hard earned money. Maybe not. But just maybe …

My lovely friend Sal said that green peppers are a regular irritation at the bottom of her fridge. Red and yellow peppers are super easy – kids will munch them, they’re great in a chilli. But green peppers are so bitter, and that is because they are, simply, unripe peppers. Stored in a warm kitchen (ideally next to bananas) those peppers should ripen up – turn red, then yellow. They might go a little wrinkly on the way, but they’ll still be great in a chilli.

Not keen to wait?  I suggest Pizza Hut style vegetarian pizza, thick with thinly sliced, fried red onions and green peppers, sweetcorn and mushrooms. Cheddar. My brothers and I learnt to make these as we started helping out with the odd meal on Saturday evenings or school holidays.

Chop the green peppers into dice, fry slowly (for about 15m). When they are nice and soft, get your baguette, and smooth over some tomato sauce. Then slices of cheddar. Do not use mozzarella.

Sprinkle your leftover green peppers onto the bread. Grill under a hot grill until the cheese is bubbling. Imagine the smell of the school canteen and wet lunchtime and boys stealing cheesy chips from your styrofoam bowl.

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