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Hi loyal StorrCupboard visitors.
I am still working in the background. But I’ve been working, delivering events, devising and giving workshops, hosting events, making calls, and being a parent, a daughter and a friend.
The reality is that a lot of bloggers don’t need to earn an income. They have the happy fortune of not needing to bring in paid work, and that’s just wonderful! Some make it their source of income, and that is just flipping amazing.
I don’t want to make StorrCupboard a site that is full of ads, encouraging you to spend money and buy products you don’t need. This is a place where you can learn to use what you have. As such, I’ve had to concentrate the last few months on earning and growing StorrCupboard into something bigger, and to articulate what’s in my brain through the help of friends and people able to help me whilst I bootstrap this love of mine.
I’m a self employed, single parent breadwinner and this is the space that has to take the hit, sometimes. (My ex is a good dad and co-parent, but there’s only so much one can do).
The new iteration of StorrCupboard is coming, please keep checking in. I’m no hobbyist. Reducing waste and doing my bit for the planet is my mission. Also making sure I earn enough to keep the lights on and my children fed is rather important… this post is not SEO friendly, it’s not on brand and it’s not about food waste. But it is about the sustainability of work, of balancing a mission and passion with the reality of paid vs. unpaid work.
I’m not complaining; I love this work and I choose to do it.
I’m seeking funding for StorrCupboard; if you have any info about pots that fund sustainability projects, food waste projects or women in business, please get in touch (ann@storrcupboard.com), I’d love to buy you a coffee and chat.
After half term, that’s the plan. Fingers crossed.
Tons of love,
Ann x

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