Bolognese sauce takes a while to make and is so, so good and strong in flavour that a little can go a long way.
A Neapolitan restaurant at the bottom of Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, introduced me to this pizza. The restaurant is long gone, but I still make this pizza every couple of months.  For my melty-cheese loathing 9 year old, it’s a favourite.  If it’s not an authentic recipe, well, it’s not the end of the world.
Pizza can be a cracking way to use up those last few leftovers – a slice of ham, a few onions – whatever your topping.  I’m on a pizza hut vegetarian tip these days, all fried red onions, green pepper and sweetcorn.  I know.
This is my favourite recipe for pizza dough, but you could easily use a bought pizza base or roll it back to the ’80s and make french bread pizza (if my darling Italian proto-nieces ever read this, they may dis-own me).
Honestly, making pizza bread takes a few bashes to get right, but if you like pizza and don’t like spending loads of money, it’s worth having a few goes.  Or, you know, don’t if you can’t be arsed.  Just don’t waste your wonderful sauce.

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