Bolognese sauce takes time to pop and simmer away; or you’ve bought a jar with it pre-made because life is busy and you prefer jarred sauce.  It’s your dinner, not mine!

Whatever type of sauce – if there’s meat, lentils or quorn in there – that food was grown, harvested, packed and picked.

So what are *you* going to do with that handful of leftover bolognese?  May I suggest making a simple tomato sauce and just adding your strong, delicious, bolgonese to it?  Hardly the thrill of the century but not every meal has to be an event.

A tin of tomatoes costs anything from 40p to around a quid (50C – $1.50), depending on your budget and preference.  So 40p could stop you from chucking out perfectly good food.  Nice!

Finely dice an onion, fry it in a little oil, add the tomatoes.  Turn the heat down and let them bubble and pop, gently.  Once the sauce is nice and thick (around 20 minutes), add your leftover bolognese.  Got some rogue mushrooms in the fridge?  In they go.  Some roast cougettes.  Nice.  Bacon- amazing!

Enjoy a meal that is tasty, has saved food waste and cost you very little cash.  Nice!

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