Bolognese is a traditional English meal, right?  Like chicken korma, sweet & sour pork, anything with any spices ever, English people have been learning/appropriating flavours and meals for forever.  And this was Monday night supper at my house, as a kid.
To get another meal out of your few big spoons of bolognese, just … chuck in some more tomatoes.  Some red or white wine, if you have any sitting around.  Okay it won’t taste the same, but why is that a bad thing?  It’s just a little different, and you’ve not wasted meat.
Seriously.  Just make a plain tomato sauce, add in some bacon if you’ve got committed carnivores to feed/avoid those sad “I feel hard done by” faces.  Or hungry veggies could go for an extra packet of mushrooms.  This way, a 60p tin of tomatoes and an onion (maybe a £2 packet of lardons/£1 packet of mushies) will stretch your bolognese sauce over another meal. Win win.
Make your new sauce and stir the bolognese through at the end, bring back to the boil and simmer for a few minutes to make sure that it’s all hot right through (just so you know: I use way more cheese than this.  I just didn’t want to embarrass myself.  Oh wait …)

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