A few weeks back I roasted a piece of pork belly for a big lunch – we had two sets of friends due, and they all like to eat. Well, it was going to be only roast pork belly, but then I panicked.  The thought of people being hungry at my table sends a shudder down my spine, so then I was cooking 3kg of pork & a 2kg chicken.  For 6 adults & 5 kids.  Plus many veg, and pudding (a very cooked Jeremy Lee apple tart): mission accomplished.  But then I had about 2 kg of leftover pork to use in a few days, or work out a way to freeze it.  And not drive my family nuts with repeated meals.
Now StorrCupboard isn’t a slave to authenticity.  It’s important to know the hows and whys or food heritages and traditions. There are definitive ways to make a Bahn Mi, and this is not one of them. For something more detailed from Vietnamese culture check here.  For example, I loathe coriander & its flavour deadening ways, so I leave it out, or use parsley instead.  So shoot me.  I don’t say it’s better, just what I like.
Bahn Mi is a Vietnamese pork sandwich that shows the best of pork belly, pickles, salad, mayonaisse, coriander and white baguette.  The amount of veg and pickle is great, as it stops the sandwich from getting too stodgy.  But don’t be shy: this is a main meal sandwich, and it’s great that each bite has has different mixture of soft meat, frangrant herbs and crisp veg.
A baguette roll, crunchy salad, mayo, pickles & a handful of pork: amazing, and quick mid-week supper.
Not a cold pork fan?  How about a bowl of noodles?  Or a wonderful pork/bolognese?

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