As soon as I learnt you could put oats in bread, using porridge was just a hop skip & a jump away.
Food ‘grammers here will of course know Claire Hughes’ love of using porridge in bread, and she’s right, it’s brill.  Again the porridge brings a mellow flavour and chewy texture which is what you want in white bread.
Now, I am shit at baking bread.  Yes, I bake a passable loaf but I’m not about to enter GBBO (and not just because Prue Leith is a goddess and scares the living shit out of me).  I can’t kned bread.  I have been baking, off and on, for 15 years.  Everyone says “oh!  It’s just *so* easy look at these tiny children doing it!” – yeah, these tiny children who are being taught by and helped by professionals!  GArh!  The bollox of food writing!
So, my StorrCupboard friends, if you have the will and a heap of time, try this method.  I was taught it by the gorgeous Peter Wheelan of teh Duke of Cambridge, when I taught cooking there.  My bread is now good, I don’t get flour and dough everywhere and, yes, it takes a long time, but it’s just 10 mins to mix it and then a shape of the dough every couple of hours.  To me, that’s not a bother, but then I work in my kitchen and, before I did that well – well I just love bread so much that I’ll do what it takes for home-made bread!
If you’ve got 250g of porridge or 100g it doesn’t matter: just make sure that the total weight of porridge & flour is 500g.  That’s it. The amount of salt and yeast will stay the same, the water might vary a little. But enjoy your bread with some butter and jam! Recipe here.


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