Okay this is a new obsession.  I wouldn’t have gone near condensed milk a couple of years ago – high sugar and all that.  But I did buy ice-cream so … yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense.  Hell, who of us is all logic?
This isn’t a frozen yoghurt because of, you know, the cream. Most frozen yoghurts are made with thick greek yoghurt, which is higher in fat than regular yoghurt, so that’s why I added the cream.
This so simple recipe will banish that no-good peach yoghurt from the back of the fridge transform it into a pudding that everyone wants.  Plus it’s a good big almost-litre of ice-cream for about £2.50, and tastes as good/better as any Haagen-Dasz or Ben & Jerry’s, and a damn sight cheaper.

Yoghurt no-churn ice-cream

Inspired by Nigella’s No Churn Coffee Ice -Cream
Makes 1.5 pints/800ml


1 tub yoghurt
250ml double cream
175ml condensed milk
Optional: few squirts Treat sauce…

Measuring jug
Large bowl
Electric whisk/stand mixer OR
Balloon whisk and strong arms
Freezer proof container with lid

10m prep
6 hours (at least) to freeze



Place the ingredients (aside from Treat) in the large bowl
Whisk together until there’s lot of little bubbles and the mixture is light and airy
Pour into container
If using, drizzle some sauce around the ice-cream and use a skewer/sharp knife to ripple it around
Place lid on and put in freezer
Seriously, that’s it

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