I hate strawberry yoghurt.  The strawberry selection pack from 1980s Sainsbury’s was the worst pudding option (aside from my dad announcing “fwesh fwuuut” knowing the sighs and eye-rolls from us – we’d be hoping for Angel Delight or tinned fruit salad).  It’s nothing-y.  It’s boring.  Or peach?!  Vile vile.  Too sweet.
I’ll eat it because it’s there, but there are better ways to turn this “meh” into “a-meh-zing” (sorry).
I love yoghurt smoothies.  To make this just blend 1 pot of yoghurt (about 120g), 200g frozen smoothie pack/your favourite smoothie fruits & milk to dilute (around 100ml, but it depends on the thickness of the yoghurt and the milk).  You can’t really taste the yoghurt so it’s a great way of using up/disguising a flavour that’s your most hated/least loved.
When choosing fruit think about flavours that will go nicely – berries with berries,berries with bananas – TBF, bananas with most fruit yoghurts.  It’s just going to be a happy, fruity, creamy drink.  Like Yop.  Homemade Yop.
An immersion/stick blender is your friend, and only about a tenner to buy.  Any manky bananas/grapes/kiwis etc can be made into a smoothie in minutes, without the outlay into a juicer etc. As it’s small, you can store it in a drawer.  Soup, smoothies and smooth pasta/pizza sauces: you won’t regret it.

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