Yes you can put ANY grain into bread dough, hahahaaaa!  The glee!  Leftover rice into bread!  I wanted to try this, years ago but I was told “Now that is a step too far” and I let myself be shut down.  But, now many years later and with porridge bread/pancakes/muffins now a happy part of my routine, I decided to experiment.  Just for you guys, obvs.

Tiger bread fan?  That is a rice glaze.  Don’t think “WTF rice *in* bread” think: DOUBLE CARB BREAD.  Now, even your leftover mash can – and should! – go into a loaf.

This bread is fantastically soft and gorg and I’ve even cooked extra rice *just* so I can have this bread. You can sometimes see the rice grains but I think that just looks cute.  See – grain = bread,  So stop wasting cash and bake this bread!

Leftover rice bread
Enough for 4 for breakfast


around 150g leftover rice
around 500g strong bread flour + more for dusting
7g dried yeast/1 sachet
15g salt
Around 350ml water
Splash veg/sunflower oil
About 5g butter


Mixing bowl
Measuring jug
Oven-proof dish
Bread tin
Tea towel
Wire rack


10m prep
30m mixing
3-4 hours prooving & baking
30 m to cool


Bit hard if you’re new to bread; simple if you are a die-hard baker


Rub the rice and flour together so that there aren’t any lumps of rice
Get a bowl of water to one side


Add the salt and yeast to the rice and flour
Pour in 350ml water and mix with a wooden spoon
The dough should ‘come together’; that means all the flour is wet but it isn’t so sticky that you get in a muddle
Dust your kitchen counter with a little flour
Scrape all the bread dough onto the middle of the floured surface; you want the bowl nice with no sticky bits left at the bottom
Before you get all sticky. pour the vegetable/sunflower oil into the bowl and set aside
Take the bread dough; with your right hand, push it away from you
Pull the dough back toward you so it’s a ball again
Turn dough 45 degrees and repeat until the dough is springy/you can feel little bubbles pop and crackle. This will take about 10 minutes
Pop the dough into the bowl and swoosh it around the oil
Smooth the sides of the ball of dough around the dough and tuck under; this stretches the dough
Place a clean tea-towel over the top
It will take around 2 hours to rise
When the dough has roughly doubled in size, dust the kitchen counter again
Turn the dough out and shape it into a rectangle, roughly the size of your bread tin
Turn your oven to 220C
Grease your tin with the scrap of butter
Gently place the dough in the tin and cover
When the dough reaches the lip of the tin, place it in the oven
After 10 min, check the bread; if it’s v dark then turn the heat to about 160C; if the loaf is quite pale then 180C
Bake for a further 35 minutes
Get your cooling rack ready; take your (hopefully) baked loaf out of the oven and shake it out onto a cooling rack or tea towel
Tap the bottom; if it sounds hollow, it’s done If not, it’s not and return to the oven for another 5 minutes
Check it again; it should be done but return to the oven for another few mins if still not hollow
Leave to cool until room temperature – bread cooks as it cools, so try to leave it!

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