Another round of “inauthentic recipes“from StorrCupboard.  This Egyptian dish was pure comfort food for one of my uni flatmates.  The mixture of rice and lentils, topped with well fried onions was utterly new to me, and, with my food fear, I didn’t even try it.  But I wanted to. I was too scared.

Note: here are tips on storing your leftover rice.

Luckily we can change what we do and don’t like if we really want to, and, I did!  And I’m so glad!  The sweet, fatty onions make this pure bowl food comfort, but you could serve with flat breads and dips for a cheap, delicious meal.

Here is a link but if you’re really pushed for time and, honestly, resources, just fry a couple of finely sliced onions for a long time in a few tablespoons of oil, and, towards the end stir through a teaspoon of ground cumin.  Then stir those through your leftover rice and that is a cheap, filling and delicious lunch.

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