Aren’t jacket potatoes great?  My life, in all seriousness and smallness, was changed when my ex’s mum stared at my gormless face as she pulled teeny, tiny jacket potatoes out of the oven.  “It’s a way of cooking, not a size” she tutted.  What a revelation: now jacket potatoes could be part of my meal, not the backbone to carry beans and cheese/cheese and sweetcorn/tuna mayo.  Though I love these, maybe a little too much – but now I could have jacket potatoes more often.


With lucky timing for comfort food padding as we all contend with the Beast from the East, let’s get using up our jacket potatoes that might be sitting around, needing some love.  There’s got to be more ideas that a bubble or a hash, love them as I do… well, time for some StorrCupboard magic.


(Note: this Rachel Roddy pizza is a brilliant vessel for a solitary spud.  It does, I think, need a fresh pizza base, so I didn’t post it as an option that everyone would try.  And I pointed you guys to a pizza last week. So consider this a double carb bonus  … Also: the mixed root veg cakes from a few weeks back are traditionally plain potato cakes, and would work well, too).

So, I know that this isn’t super quick but we are talking potatoes here. So, this is relative…

Bahahaaaa I haven’t told my kids there’s mash potato in their cake!  Think carrot cake: that’s not weird is it?  And a drizzle cake is *supposed* to be dense, zingy and this one certainly is.


This recipe calls for mash, but that’s not essential – just mash up your leftover jackets.  I didn’t have quite enough potato, so added some extra flour, and it just fine (I don’t need cake to be gluten free, but some GF flour would be fine, too).


I had one blood orange, one lemon and two limes in the fridge, so that’s why my cake is a pretty pink colour.  And tastes great.

Potatoes a la Poulette

Serves 4
Adapted, barely, from ‘I Can Cook’, Ginette Mathiot, p568



30g butter
40g flour
350ml milk
salt and pepper

1 tub/jar white sauce (around 350ml)


750 g leftover potatoes
Unsalted butter, for greasing
125g cheese (any; I used cheddar, but anything that melts will work)


Chopping board
Oven-proof dish
Cheese grater

If making white sauce:

Wooden spoon


10-30m prep (depends on if you’re making white sauce from scratch)
30-40m to bake


Easy if you’re using a jar
Medium to tricky if you’re making the sauce/learning to make your own


Peel the skins off your potatoes
Cut the potatoes into slices about 5mm slices, or just crumble if they’re a bit mashed u
Grate the cheese

White sauce

Place the butter in the saucepan and melt
When melted add the flour and stir together
Add a splash of milk and mix together
When it’s mixed in, add a little more, stirring all the time to avoid lumps forming. If you have a balloon whisk, it’s a lot easier, but a wooden spoon will work just fine
Add a little more milk and keep stirring
When all the milk is added, turn up the heat a little so that the sauce comes to the boil (so that the flour is cooked through, unlike the cheese sauces I made as a lacklustre vegetarian)
Simmer for 5 min
Take off the heat and leave to one side
You may need to give it a vigorous stir before adding to the dish!


Set your oven to 180C
Grease the dish with a little butter/use an old butter paper
Place enough potatoes to make a layer
Pour over half the sauce and half the cheese
Place the other potatoes, and pour over the rest of the sauce and the cheese
Bake for around 30-40m until bubbling and WONDERFUL

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