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Ratio: Pasta with pork & greens

Ratio Cooking: Pasta with Pork & Greens Pork and greens is a classic combo; the fatty sweetness of the pork and earthy bitterness of greens means all cultures are loving it. This recipe is based around chorizo and courgette, but feel free to substitute any broccoli...

Ratio: Cauliflower Cheese

Knowing how to make a basic white sauce is one of the world’s best things. It’s cheap when you know how to make it for yourself. It’s full of goodness and can be used to stretch other food nice and far. Most Brits love a cauliflower cheese, but of course you can shove...

How to make your own white sauce

How to: make your own white sauce Making a white sauce can seem like a waste of time when you can buy a jar. But making your own is cheaper, is fresher and I be more delicious. If you are buying your milk in reusable glass bottles, and if you can get flour from a...

Ann Storr, Food Waste Fighter

Ann Storr is a food waste writer, based in London and Kent.

After being skint and learning that cheesey cream makes amazing quiche filling, most fruits make amazing crumble and twenty ways with breadcrumbs, Ann turned her knowledge into StorrCupboard.

She runs classes and workshops to make sure there’s never a leftover, leftover.

What’s your leftover problem?

Pick a recipe by the leftovers you have available.

How to make your own frozen greens

How to: make your own frozen greens So you bought a bag of greens, because it's much better if everyone eats their greens, right? Meh. If I don't cook up a bag of spinach as soon as it hits my house, I just look at it, and think about it, and think about it some more....

How to cook garlic and herb mushrooms

How to: make your own garlic mushrooms Mushrooms are one of the most popular foods chosen in the UK; with loads of trying trying to reduce the amount of meat we eat, they can provide that lovely umaminess. Also cracking with a full English. However, supermarket...

Ratio: Basic Quiche

Ratio Cooking: Quiche As a veg-box customer I've got used to making quiche from loads of different things. Using just egg yolks for luxury, or an egg and an egg-white when that needs finishing up. Half a jar of roasted peppers and a few olives? A little bacon and...




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