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(Half a glass of) Red Wine Risotto

Leftover wine means risotto.  I so rarely make it because (cough) I don't like to have leftover wine, and I certainly don't like sacrificing a hefty glass to the cooking pan.  A bottle of wine isn't a cheap thing for most of us; I hover around spending around £7 per...

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(Roasted too many) Parsnip Macaroni Cheese

Leftover roast parsnips can be tricky to use up, I think, because the texture can be off-putting.  I know I hate leftover roast potatoes and have to really disguise the flavour. Roast parsnips are similar, because they are high in starch. This genius idea was inspired...

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Using up leftovers doesn’t have to cost you loads of cash or take forever; all StorrCupboard recipes are catagorized as “quick quick”, “right in the middle” or “lazy afternoon cooking”.

Veggie? Vegan?  Omnivore? Flexitarian?  Recipes for ALL of you!  Meat should be *part* of your plates, not the main event. And if you buy don’t, damn well never, ever waste it.

Weird leftover?  Annoying leftover?  Search via ingredient and hopefully you’ll find something.  Totally stuck?  Email me at ann @ and I’ll be right on it.

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