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Leftover Celery Stuffing

Leftover Celery Stuffing Stuffing, like Christmas turkey, pop music and Bonfire Night, did not occur in my childhood. “Tasteless” my parents would say and I didn’t even understand what it was. What how when and why was something stuffed? It was only a Christmas day...

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Leftover porridge bread

Leftover Porridge Bread My eldest brother and I share a love of baking (and eating bread), and I’ve learned a lot from him.  He's bought me endless books because, chez Storr, all the best presents are rectangles. Learning that a loaf of bread requires only a ratio was...

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Leftover porridge muffins

Leftover Porridge Muffins During the 'lean years', childcare took most of my 3 figure a month salary. The nursery was necessary but so expensive. I couldn’t not work.  Life was dull. It was 2008. Food prices rose every week. One night, my ex and I went on a rare night...

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Candied Lemon Peel

Leftover lemon heart vinegar I started obsessing about food waste when my kids were little and I was determined to give them as much organic produce as possible. Not everyone’s priority or privilege. I got by on spending around £60 a week on food and honestly, I was...

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Using up leftovers doesn’t have to cost you loads of cash or take forever; all StorrCupboard recipes are catagorized as “quick quick”, “right in the middle” or “lazy afternoon cooking”.

Veggie? Vegan?  Omnivore? Flexitarian?  Recipes for ALL of you!  Meat should be *part* of your plates, not the main event. And if you buy don’t, damn well never, ever waste it.

Weird leftover?  Annoying leftover?  Search via ingredient and hopefully you’ll find something.  Totally stuck?  Email me at ann @ and I’ll be right on it.

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