This recipe is as ’90s throwback as short puffa jackets, Body Shop Spice lipliner and velvet chokers.  Well, if the Youth of 2018 say it’s okay for them, who am I to argue?

So, grab your Joe Bloggs jeans and your Vodka Reef my 90s friends, and let’s talk sun-dried tomato oil and roasted veggies.  Oh yeah.  Let’s pour our lovely, flavoursome, leftover sundried tomato oil over courgettes, peppers and onions.  But, as with fashun, let’s update our roasted veg – chuck in some broccoli, some carrrots, maybe even some sprouts?  Go CRAZY.

Be careful to not roast the veg on too high a heat; if there are little dribs and drabs of herbs in the oil, they will burn and taste pretty vile.  So a low slow cook – but, really, if you know you’re going to cook these on the way back in the house from work, you can leave the veg all prepped and chopped.  Pour the oil and some seasoning over, pop in the oven and scream at the kids/have a shower/scroll through insta whilst you wait for them to cook.

A piece of fish or meat on the side would be nice, but I’ll sometimes just eat this on it’s own.  I know.  Edgy.  What can I say?  Some fashions are made to be brought back to life, and even Nigella is back on the tiramisu train.  As I type this, I’m wearing a grey marl jumper, rolled up jeans and cherry red Docs, and dreaming of another bowl of fragrant, sweet, sun-dried tomato oil roasted veg.

Leftover oil roasted veggies

Serves 1-2


2 tablespoons of oil from your jar of sundried tomatoes
At least 150 grams of veggies
Any olives/sundried tomatoes/little peppers from the jar


Chopping board and knife
Sieve, if you want to get little bits out of the oil
Roasting tin


About an hour


Sieve oil if you like
Chop the veggies into pieces around 2-3 cm


Turn oven to 180C
Put veggies in baking tray
Coat them in oil and season
Place the tray in the preheated oven
Jiggle them about every 20m or so

Storage/further meals

Place any uneaten veggies in a lidded container; when room temperature place in the fridge and store for up to 5 days
You can add to a stew or soup if you’re not sure what to do next

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