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Ann was a young mum, skint but desperate to feed her kids home cooked food. There’s nothing noble about being hard up, it’s crap, hard work and boring. She learned to get resourceful with sour milk, fluffy apples and yellowing veg.
If you need someone to help you with your food waste project, your recipe development or to speak about food and food waste, please get in touch.

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Ann Storr from StorrCupboard - food waste warrior

The Story

Think about what you’re going to have for supper tonight: what’s it going to be?

That new salad you read the recipe for on Saturday?  A risotto – but you’ve got no rice & no wine, & … shit isn’t going to happen.  So you buy the same multipack of peppers, the baby corn, the pricey pre-cooked noodles. Yawn.

What about that half a packet of feta in your fridge that’s threatening to get that red mold around the side?  That couple of spoons of bolognese from supper 2 nights ago?  Well …  but … is it safe to eat?  What if you’ve not got much time?  Or you have time but … you’re just a bit stumped for an idea?​ 

​A combination of gluttony, skintness & sometimes unhinged desire to feed my family home cooked meals means I have worked out the answers to your questions time & time again.

​Posting on insta and Facebook, let’s talk about the ratios that make a great quiche, a gado gado or pavlova. They won’t be perfect but what I want to help you with is how to turn that fridge forage into a tasty lunch or filling supper. Follow, like and subscribe to make sure there’s never a leftover, leftover.

About Ann

Ann Storr is a freelance brand storyteller, food waste expert and sustainability expert. Ann works with organisations to tell stories that resonate beyond the scroll.

Living in Kent and working in London, Ann’s career started working at a psychological research project, where she learned that the most complex and cutting edge ideas are still told with a story. Writing presentations and graphics for international research audiences introduced Ann to how to communicate concepts concisely. Selling and marketing in the food industry has brought Ann experience with the power of story to drive sales and customer retention.

Food waste is Ann’s passion; years of living as a skint young parent has given Ann insight into a relationship with food that many food writers have not experienced. Learning how to eek out 500g of beef, how to make something edible from a litre of sour milk or yesterday’s fishfingers has given Ann years of experience that she has turned into StorrCupboard.

 Ann is seeking funding to rebuild the UX and functionality of StorrCupboard; if you work in sustainability, women in business or campaigns, please get in touch.

If you find yourself wondering how to tell your story or if you even have a story to tell, get in touch and have a chat.

Ann Storr

Ann Storr


Ann is a compelling storyteller and a clear communicator. Her love for food, cooking and the difference both can make to our lives is demonstrable. She has been a pleasure to work with.” Clare Salisbury

Assistant Producer for The Food Programme, BBC Radio 4

“Ann worked with the Hubbub team to create a unique workshop that exceeded the brief. We wanted our guests to reduce their food waste whilst reflecting the diverse community of Drummond Street. Ann’s workshop was engaging, creative and educational; her teaching style is warm and authoritative. She’s unflappable, a delight to work with and brimming with ideas to reduce food waste.” Tessa Tricks

Hubbub Foundation UK

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Teaching people about being inventive with food and ‘food waste’ is where StorrCupboard comes to life.

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