Ann Storr, Food Waste Fighter

Ann Storr from StorrCupboard - food waste warrior

Think about what you’re going to have for supper tonight: what’s it going to be?

That new salad you read the recipe for on Saturday?  A risotto – but you’ve got no rice & no wine, & … shit isn’t going to happen.  So you buy the same multipack of peppers, the baby corn, the pricey pre-cooked noodles. Yawn.

What about that half a packet of feta in your fridge that’s threatening to get that red mould around the side?  That couple of spoons of bolognese from supper 2 nights ago?  Well …  but … is it safe to eat?  What if you’ve not got much time?  Or you have time but … you’re just a bit stumped for an idea?​

​A combination of gluttony, skintness & sometimes unhinged desire to feed my family home cooked meals means I have worked out the answers to your questions time & time again.

​Posting weekly on insta and Facebook, I give you three options for turning your StorrCupboard leftovers into the main event.

You will save money.

You will think of your leftovers in a whole new way.

You will stop being part of our huge food waste problem.

And you might learn a thing or two.

Simple solutions aren’t terribly exciting because I’m not telling you to buy a product.  I’m asking you to look at what’s in your fridge, looking a bit sad and old.  I’m asking you to see the potential feast in every last spoon of cabbage, handful of cold old roast chicken or kid-discarded pasta.

Thank you! Ann x

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