Food Waste Speaking and Brand Storytelling

Want to cook up some food waste solutions? Teaching people about being inventive with food and ‘food waste’ is where StorrCupboard comes to life.
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Public speaking

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I’m an experienced public speaker, having spoken on panels, presentations and podcasts.

My career has seen me working in the public, private and charity sectors.

By combining hard facts and the human stories that allow the audience to connect, I present a different voice who can speak to complex issues.

If you would like to book me for your event, panel or broadcast, drop me an email or give me a call.

Food waste
Food politics
Food ethics
Food inequality
Public understanding of science
Brand storytelling



I work with creative agencies, start-ups and entrepreneurs who need help to find their unique story hidden in their product or service.

Connecting with audiences is increasingly difficult; the attention economy demands authentic content that connects with people, not eyeballs.  Storytelling quickly gets to the heart of your unique mission and purpose to communicate your brand’s USP by locating the personal, unique and heartfelt details that connect with your customers – and leaves a message that resonates beyond the scroll.

Previous clients tell me they love my ability to weave together often cold, hard facts with warmth and heart that they hadn’t previously seen. With my love of stories and conversation, I take the time to ask questions most writers shy away from which brings a new warmth and human connection to make you shine.



Brand storytelling

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My classes are rated 5/5 and most people say they learn more about sustainability and decreasing their food waste. It costs nothing to ask a question; we can speak or even have a coffee.


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