Never a leftover, leftover

The leftover lover’s kitchen does not need a quick pot, a yoghurt pot a bread machine or a thermopot.  It does not need a dehydrater or or a kenwood chef (I’ve always wanted one.  But I want to go on holiday more!).

Here is the beginning of the StorrCupboard guide to the kitchen tools you need to make sure there’s never a leftover, leftover.

Cooking Utensils

Wooden spoons

Big and small, long and short.  Most of mine are from my grannie’s house (she died around the time I moved out), but I think I bought a few.  Never ever put them in a dishwasher.

Balloon whisk

My balloon whisk is from Ikea, I think.  If you like baking and can spend a couple of quid on one, you won’t regret it.  Especially if you don’t have the money for an electric hand whisk – it’s much quicker than a little tiny whisk.

Metal spoon

Essential if you like baking and *especially* if you often end up with a lot of leftover egg whites.  A metal spoon is perfect for making meringues and muffins.  I mean you can do without, but if you can, I’d recommend it.


A good, metal (or plastic if you use non-stick) flipper is a tool you will re-use over and over and over.  Should only set you back about a fiver.  I have two; one is about 15cm long and thicker, and it’s great for fried eggs, pancakes.  My other flipper is a little longer and thinner and great for fish and meat.  One is plenty though!


A few tools are helpful for making the most of your leftovers, though no Kenwood Chefs or Thermomixers here.  Save your cash for something more exciting, like wine.

Salt & pepper

Simple ingredients, flavours and spicings.  Nothing too dramatic I hope.  Sometimes providing a meal is about making the most out of what needs eating, quickly.

Veg, fruit, meat

Lots of veg, lots of carbs, lots of fruit.  A little meat and fish.  We all know that eating a lot of veg is a great idea, so most of my receipes use loads and loads a veg.


A few, cheap, tools are every cook’s friend.  A.  Cheap immersion blenders, measuring jugs in a couple of sizes and mixing bowls – all cheap and will make your life so much easier.

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