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Having a kitchen stacked with bread machines, microwaves, yoghurt pots, Thermomixers … yes they can be amazing but, really, they’re just gadgets. A collection of wooden spoons, flippers,  colanders – everything can be bought cheaply from the supermarket, from a hardware shop and charity shops.  Yes,I buy kitchenware from charity shops!  I am not minted!  Everything gets a good, hot wash and scrub.


Here’s my essentials guide to what you need in your kitchen to combat food waste and turn your leftovers into the main event:

Leftover veg:

Fresh bits and bobs – anything from half an onion sitting in a jar, to a whole bag of carrots or 3 apples.  Everything fresh.

Frozen – freezers are great; but food can sit there for months or years, so write down what you’ve got to avoid buying a third bag of frozen peas


Shopping list: 

Do this last! As you work out what you need to cook the meals, add it here – and take it/a pic of it to the supermarket and stick to it


The week:

What’s going on for you and yours next week?  Parent’s evening?  Friends over on Saturday?  Everyone out on Thursday?  How much time do you have to cook and what will you all eat?



Now you know what you’ve got in the house and what the week looks like, now think what meals you want.

Breakfast, lunch and snacks – cereal?  Bananas?  Tins of tuna, bags of sultanas and biscuits- what will keep everyone going?


NOW you write your shopping list – hey presto – you’re saving money and avoiding food waste !


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Weird leftover?  Annoying leftover?  Search via ingredient and hopefully you’ll find something.  Totally stuck?  Email me at ann @ and I’ll be right on it.

Veggie? Vegan?  Omnivore? Flexitarian?  Recipes for ALL of you!  Meat should be *part* of your plates, not the main event. And if you buy don’t, damn well never, ever waste it.

Using up leftovers doesn’t have to cost you loads of cash or take forever; all StorrCupboard recipes are catagorized as “quick quick”, “right in the middle” or “lazy afternoon cooking”.

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