My Relay Race Cooking Method

Got some leftovers? Hate food waste? Don’t go to the supermarket – start with what’s in your fridge and start relay race cooking.

Relay race cooking
Cooking meals day in day out takes a lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of money. Confident cooks have a secret that I’m sharing with you: I call it relay race cooking.

Say you’ve finished dinner and there’s a handful of leftover rice in the bowl. Don’t chuck it! It’s the perfect filler for a bowl of soup. But in making soup, shit, now you’ve got half an onion to eat up …This video of me, yes, the StorrCupboard in person, explaining my relay race cooking method…check it out.

Don’t seek inspiration at the shops when you’re tired, when you’re hungry and when you’re staring at displays that are designed to part you from your hard-earned cash. Don’t ignore the food you’ve got sitting in your fridge, going off and looking sad. Start there. That food is your inspiration for tomorrow’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Relay race cooking is what stops you from wasting half a sausage or a tablespoon of bolognese. Food waste includes eating food unnecessarily just because it’s there. Most of us in the West do it, but we need to stop.

Back to that half an onion – it gives me a few ideas. Easiest?  Sausages with fried onions. Amazing. Now, maybe you’ve got a sausage or two leftover. Just crumble them through pasta. Or make a Jambalaya. Or mix with refried beans in a Mexican inspired wrap. Or stuff jacket potatoes. You will use your leftovers. You will try a new recipe. You will save money. You will reduce food waste.

Understand that every food in front of you in an ingredient – it’s an idea, it has potential. Two fishfingers can be the idea for a rice bowl, fishcakes or tacos. Leftover cream can be used to make a no-churn ice cream, a sponge cake or pancakes. Leftovers from those? FANTASTIC. Let StorrCupboard give you all the ideas and inspiration you need to make sure there’s never a leftover, leftover.

Use the relay race method plus StorrCupboard’s search and category functions to find out how your leftover rice can be tomorrow’s bread, or that manky green pepper will be a warming dish of jambalaya.

Maybe the chocolates left over from Easter can be turned into a lush, decadent cheesecake.

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