Feta is the leftover that set StorrCupboard in motion.  I was sitting at my workspace and thinking – why do I often end up staring at half a packet of feta and looking at that red mould that’s grown on the sides of the packet? (I think about food most of the time…)


And I thought: I am quite good with leftovers.  My friends tell me so, but to me it’s just how I cook.   Can I show how cheese, or some apples, or soggy pasta, that have gone a bit grungy and grim – can be amazing?  And why do I struggle with feta?!



Salty, lovely but so strong that it dominates.  At anything from 80p – £2.50 for a packet, it’s a lot of money to waste.


Cow and goat dairy production also uses a shit-tonne of resources, from feeding the animals through processing the cheese and getting it moved around the UK or even from Greece to get to your fridge.  So don’t fucking chuck it, let’s get creative.


Your leftover feta will keep better in a container, as little airborne spores can’t get it.  Also, the cheese will not dry out so quickly.  I use small lock and lock style containers because they are strong and don’t flip open when they fall out of the fridge.  Ahem.  Now your feta is stored carefully, you’ve got a good few days.  Before you even look at that bin, look at it:

Does it look okay?  Yes?

Sniff it?  Does it smell the same? Yes?  Then it’s fine.

Maybe a tiny bit stronger?  Fine.

Still unsure? Break off a tiny crumb and taste it.  Fine? Eat it!

Gross?  Chuck it.

If your feta is still okay, here’s a great, simple recipe.  Warm tomato sauce + crumbled feta + toasted pitta breads for dipping = fucking lovely and super simple.  Kids and adults will love it as the feta goes a little soft, but the sweet and tangy tomato sauce is the perfect pairing with the feta.

Warm feta and tomato sauce

Serves 2-4
Barely adapted from Rose Prince, ‘Kitchenella’, p128


4 tablespoons olive oil
1 x 400g whole tinned tomatoes
2 pinches dried oregano
1/2 teaspoon ground coriander
Leftover feta (up to 1 whole packet)
1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
black pepper

To serve: pitta breads, toasted and dipped.
or flatbreads, or plain tortilla chips


Frying pan
Lid for frying pan
Wooden spoon
Measuring spoons/teaspoon
Chopping board and knife (if cutting up pitta bread)



10m prep
20m cooking




Empty the tomatoes into a bowl and crush them with your hands


Heat the oil until it is *just* beginning to smoke
Pour the tomatoes quickly and place the lid on immediately
LISTEN; as soon as the sizzling dies down, take the lid off
Add oregano & coriander
Simmer for 10 minutes (Simmering: not quite boiling, just how you want a tin of soup to heat)
When the 10 minutes are up, start toasting your pitta breads/warming wraps
Add the feta to the pan and stir gently
When the cheese begins to melt remove from the heat and crack black pepper all over

Serve with bread/tortilla chips

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